At Howton Farms It’s More Than Just a Sauce,
It’s A Way of Life, Taste it!

We appreciate your interest in trying our products, and we think you will be very pleased that you did, not only for their taste, but for their nutritional aspects as well. You will soon know why everyone is raving about Howton Farms, one taste is all it takes.This is a picture of our farm located East of Huntsville on Keel Mountain, in Gurley, Alabama. Back home a handshake is a deal, and a BBQ is not just a meal, but a time to enjoy family and friends and the simple pleasures of life. That’s why we say “At Howton Farms its more than just a Sauce, It’s a Way of Life”.

We began making what is now known as Howton Farm’s Gourmet BBQ and Dippin’ Sauce in 1995 because we were never satisfied with the major brands. Our sauce was developed while trying to find the perfect rib sauce, and eventually evolved into what it is today. As the years went by and the demand by family and friends became overwhelming, we decided to bring our sauce to you. Today we continue to raise the bar with the introduction of new and better products.

Howton Farm’s Specials

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